Minnesota Law

Summer 2021
All Rise

LL.M. Student Asiri Aror, Nigeria

Esiri Aror is a legal graduate of both the Nigerian Law School and the University of Abuja, where she earned her B.L. and L.L.B. degrees, respectively. Aror is passionate about business law, and aims to use her legal education to promote good business and regulatory practices in Nigeria.

What motivated you to pursue an LL.M? Why at Minnesota Law? 

I like to refer to myself as a curious cat—I always want to know more. Hence, I have known since I got into my higher institution in my home country that I would love to get an LL.M. My choice of Minnesota Law was informed by an alum who recommended it. 

What makes you interested in/ passionate about business law? 

I was born and raised in a family of entrepreneurs. I greatly enjoyed courses that dealt with business in my undergraduate study, including contract law and commercial law. Most importantly, my desire is to effect change in the laws that regulate businesses in my home country.

Minnesota Law is a place known for putting an emphasis on leadership. What does leadership mean to you?

I see leadership as service. A person who wants to lead must first be a servant. It is in understanding what it means to be a servant (follower), that a person can properly lead.

What are your hobbies/interests? 

I like to read novels and watch movies.

How do you plan to spend your free time in the United States/ Minnesota?

I would like to join student associations that appeal to me and participate in their programs.

What three words best describe you?

Goofy, ambitious, and friendly

What are you most looking forward to in your time at Minnesota Law?

Experiencing life in Minnesota!

Anything else about yourself you’d like to share?

I love to volunteer a lot. I see it as my way of giving back to the community. And, on a lighter note, I love babies!