Minnesota Law

Spring 2021
Faculty Focus

Faculty in Print

Author: Kristin E. Hickman (with Richard J. Pierce Jr.) / Title: Federal Administrative Law, Third Edition (University Casebook Series) / Publisher: Foundation Press / Pages: 1,255

This casebook is designed with an emphasis on accessibility, includes many discussion problems and questions focusing on real-world application, and gives students a solid grounding in the basic principles of administrative law that they might come across in regulatory practice. The third edition incorporates new developments through the Supreme Court’s 2018-19 term, including excerpts from Gundy v. United States (2019) regarding the nondelegation doctrine, Lucia v. SEC (2018) regarding who is an Officer of the United States, Kisor v. Wilkie (2019) regarding Auer deference, and Spokeo v. Robbins (2016) regarding standing doctrine, and much more. 

Author: Francis X. Shen (with Owen D. Jones and Jeffrey D. Schall) / Title: Law and Neuroscience, Second Edition (Aspen Casebook Series) / Publisher: Wolters Kluwer / Pages: 1,004

The implications for law of new neuroscientific techniques and findings are now among the hottest topics in legal, academic, and media venues. This book—a collaboration of professors in law, neuroscience, and biology—is the second edition of the first and only coursebook to chart this new territory, providing the world’s most comprehensive collection of neurolaw materials. New contents include a chapter on aging brains and many references to cases and publications from after the first edition was published in 2014.

Editor: Michael Tonry (with Peter Reuter) / Title: Organizing Crime: Mafias, Markets, and Networks / Publisher: University of Chicago Press Journals / Pages: 512

This book is an exhaustive overview of knowledge about organized crime. It provides intensive accounts of American, Italian, and Dutch developments, covers both national mafias and transnational criminality, and delves in depth into gender, human capital, and money laundering issues.

Author: Christopher M. Turoski / Title: Assets & Finance: Intellectual Property in Mergers and Acquisitions (2020 Edition) / Publisher: Thomson Reuters / Pages: 768

Taking a pragmatic approach, this book highlights the importance of intangible issues, such as the relative negotiating leverage of each party. It provides an overview of the fundamentals; key phases in the life cycle of an M&A transaction; and model agreements for various types of transactional documents. It also covers due diligence and ancillary closing documents.